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Bridging the gap between analysis and trading, between physical and financial markets, offering up-to-date, across the barrel market insight by Email, WhatsApp, online Platform, daily, weekly and monthly reports direct to your phone, desktop or tablet. Powered by the world’s largest liquidity provider.

Er Commodity Research North America And Europe

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Award-winning research.
Up-to-date industry-leading advice and forecasts direct to your phone, desktop and tablet. Daily Feed, Market Reports, Trader Meeting Notes, Onyx Tradecraft, Trade Ideas, VaR and ATR metrics.

Dynamic Benchmarking Data
Providing transparency to a previously opaque world allowing more strategic investing, planning and general trading decisions. Live spot and forward curve prices.

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Features you can't afford to be without.

Onyx Insight

Access in-depth reports with forwarding views on pricing, flows, and market dynamics. Analysis and commentary to help you capitalize on opportunities.

Commitment of Traders Service

Allows access to daily online positioning data dashboards, looking at the most liquid oil derivatives contracts, that can improve trading strategies.

Dated Brent Report

Our Dated Brent report provides analysis of market dynamics by Onyx CEO as well as insight on market flows directly from the crude trading desk.

LNG Report

Our LNG report looks at bullish and bearish factors driving the natural gas market, leveraging our proprietary data for more analysis of market flows.

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